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My name is Ryan and I’m a fishing addict and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ll fish for hours on end in horrible weather, blocking it all out, focusing on nothing but catching fish. I’ll ignore the swarms of insects, tolerate the cold, and block out the pain in my hand from holding my rod hour after hour. There’s nothing out there that I’ve held in my hand for so many hours strait, without relaxing my grip, without taking a break, other than my fishing pole. I’ll fish sun up to sun down and sun down to sun up. I’ll fish on little to no sleep, I’ll fish in the presence of bears, moose seals and sharks. I’ll fish from shore, I’ll fish from a boat and I’ll spend all day standing in the water, fishing shoulder to shoulder with other anglers. I’ll fish all day and get skunked and come back only to get skunked again and again and again and I’ll keep coming back. I’ll keep trying, I’ll keep fishing. I am not interested in the pursuit of a career, only the pursuit of fish. I’ll fish till I die and if there’s and afterlife…well, I’ll fish then too.

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