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Fishing Shows

When I can’t actually go fishing, which is unfortunately for more than half the year since I live in Alaska, I get my fishing fix by watching other people fish via fishing programs on TV. But I’ll be honest; my list of fishing shows is really short, the reason being that I like to watch people fish, not advertise fishing gear.

When I was a teenager and started really getting into fishing, I tried to watch fishing shows but I lost interest because it seemed like all the hosts were doing was trying to sell products with some fishing in between. I remember one show where the host asked if you really need three tackle boxes worth of gear to go fishing then answered his question with a yes. I don’t agree with this and I’m sure he was just trying to sell gear.

It’s probably been more than 10 years since I saw that episode and since then many more fishing shows have come out such as Deadliest Catch, River Monsters, Wicked Tuna, Off the Hook Extreme Catches, Monster Fish, and Shark Wranglers to name a few. Some I like and some I don’t like. They each have their own unique properties. Some have one person that does all the fishing while others have multiple people that fish in them. Some are filmed in the same locations season after season and others a filmed in various locations around the world. Some show the same creature over and over, episode after episode while others have a new fish or aquatic animal every episode.

My goal with this portion of the website is to provide in depth reviews of some of the various fishing shows out there to help others who may be interested in a particular show decide whether or not they want the spend their time and money on that show.

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