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Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Classic 3-Ply Canvas Cleated Hipper

Item: Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Classic 3-Ply Canvas Cleated Hipper

Verdict: Would Not Recommend

Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Classic 3-Ply Canvas Cleated Hipper Review:

It’s unfortunate that the first review on my website has to be a negative one especially with a brand as well known and recommend as Frogg Toggs but negative as it may be this is an honest review of my experiences with two sets of these waders.

I have a decent set of chest waders, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any uses for hip waders. If the water is low or there is just mud I have to deal with, I’d rather use hip waders over chest waders just because of their ease of use and easier transportability. Up until this year, I’ve used a cheap set of Caddis rubber hip boots as my hip waders for my entire fishing life. They weren’t the nicest or most comfortable things out there but they were inexpensive and they kept my feet dry and that is what waders are supposed to do. On a recent fishing trip I noticed my old rubber waders were starting to crack so sensing their impending failure I decided to purchase a new set of hip waders. Now I live and fish in Alaska so my feet often get could after standing in the water for hours on end, even in the middle of summer. My cheap waders kept me dry but they didn’t keep me warm so I decided to look for a warmer set this time.

Enter the Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Classic 3-Ply Canvas Cleated Hipper.

I was in sportsmanswarehouse and I decided to check out the wader section and found a solidly constructed and insulated hip boot made by Frogg Toggs. Despite a lack of reviews online I made my purchase in confidence due to Frogg Toggs being highly recommended by various outdoor enthusiasts I have spoken with. I eagerly tested them out fishing soon there after. It was raining but I stayed warm and dry for the most part. I was happy with my waders performance but when I took them off I noticed my left foot was a little wet. I checked for holes and didn’t see any so I thought maybe it was from the rain, even though I knew this wasn’t likely but I didn’t want my brand new waders to have a leak in them.

A Slow Leak

I dried them off and went back out again the next day. This time no rain but again a wet left foot. I again search for a whole or tare or something, anything that could be the source of the leak so I could patch it and keep using my waders. I still couldn’t find anything. Each time I dried them off and went back out fishing only to return with a wet left foot.

Now my wader wasn’t flooded. If I flipped it upside down no water would come out but the interior material was wet and this is what was causing my sock to get wet. It would slowly come up from the bottom and spread through the interior materials of the foot area. I was pretty bummed to say the least. I thought I had a found a decent set of warm and quality waders that I would get multiple seasons out of only to have a leak with no identifiable source to repair. I didn’t exactly have the money to buy a new set so I was determined to get at least one season out wet foot or not. Luckily, while going through papers I found the receipt and the warranty card so I took them back and exchanged them for a new set hoping that I just had a bad pair.

A Second Set and a Second Leak

I took my second set out for a shake down to make sure they didn’t leak either. It was pouring rain for probably 5 of the 8 hours that I was fishing. For the first couple of hours I kept wiggling my toes and all seemed well. My foot was dry and warm. Near the end of my fishing trip it felt like I had a wet sock and to my dismay, when I took my  left wader off my sock was soaked. Now a lot of me was wet due to the down pouring of rain we received so I honestly thought (hoped) it was from the rain, even though my right foot was dry. I dried them off and went back out a couple of days later. I caught my fish and had to stop fishing for the day (its the law with King Salmon) but my friend had not caught his yet so he kept fishing. My foot seemed dry but I had to be sure so I stood in the water with him. Sure enough my foot started to get wet again. I had my proof of a leak in a second set of brand new waders.

Two Strikes and You’re Out

After I got done fishing this time I went back to the store and returned them. There was no exchanging this time just a straight refund. I gave them two chances and each time I had the same problem in the same area. The right foot worked fine but for some reason the left foot had an incredibly slow leak. Slow enough that if you put them in the water for an hour or so you likely wouldn’t notice it especially since it starts out under the foot pad. Unless I catch my limit of fish and have to stop fishing, I don’t just fish for an hour. If I have no other obligations I don’t have a problem fishing for 8 hours or more.

I really wanted to like these waders and I hate that they didn’t work. They were warm and the right foot worked great but the left foot failed both times. A fundamental function of waders is to keep the wearer dry and these failed that function. If you do extremely light fishing for less than an hour or are just walking though mud and puddles then these waders may work for you but if you frequently spend 6 hours or more standing in the water then be careful with this set. It’s possible that a bad batch was sent to my area and due to the slowness of the leak it passed quality control but after my experience with these waders I unfortunately would not recommend Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Classic 3-Ply Canvas Cleated Hipper for use by any die hard anglers out there.

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