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I rely heavily on product reviews when I’m deciding whether or not to make a purchase whether it be online or in a traditional brick and motor store. If I see an item I’m interested in, I’ll either go home and read reviews of the item on my computer or sometimes I’ll look up reviews on my iPhone while still in the store. There have been plenty of times when I had something in my cart with the intent to purchase but read too many unfavorable reviews while in the store and put the item back.

Since reviews can influence my decisions on purchases so much it’s important to me that the reviews are honest and accurate. I don’t want to read a review by a salesman trying only to sell me a product, no I want to read a honest review from an honest person telling me of their experience with or their research into a product was good or bad. Typically I find most reviews to be accurate of the item. For example if I go on amazon and look up reviews for a certain product and the majority of the reviews are favorable with only a few unfavorable, then I feel comfortable making the purchase. On the flip side if I look up reviews of an item and the majority are poor with only a few positive, then i feel confident in my decision to not make a purchase.

My goal with the review portion of the website is to provide honest reviews of fishing or fishing related items whether they be positive or negative. I’m not here to sell you items I’m here to help you in your decision making process. I plan to write reviews in a way that id want a review to be written. As I said, I look for honest reviews not sales pages. Also, you will never see me give an item a poor rating based on a bad shipping experience or something silly like that. I’m not saying poor shipping isn’t an issue, but when I read a review where the reviewer gave an item a poor rating because they were shipped the wrong item or the item never came or something along those lines, they aren’t giving me an accurate review of the item, they a giving a review of the service they received which is relevant if I’m looking for a service/experience review, not an item review.

I hope you find the reviews helpful and enjoyable and if not please feel free the let me know how I can improve upon them.

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